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As I sit back and reflect on my life, I have overcome a lot. I have come to the realization that God truly has a plan for my life.

At one point in my life, I believed that I was not worthy of love, did not hold any value, was very ugly and I was not intelligent. In my forty-five years of life, I still struggle sometimes with certain things. I may take a look back and ask myself, “Are you really pretty?” or are you really loved by anyone?” I threw pity parties quite often, as I held on to the victim role and used it to my ability. Quite often I had to take a look at myself in the mirror or just shake the craziness off. When we have conditioned ourself through negative self talk and always feeling sorry for ourselves, we have to change our mindset. It is truly a battlefield of the mind.

In dealing with the spirits of rejection, abandonment, lust, fear, death, hurt, shame,  loneliness, perversion, rebellion, sadness, depression, confusion, bitterness, witchcraft, poverty, lying, deceit, addiction, pride, abuse, double-mindedness, and doubt; there was a lot I needed to be delivered from. When you go through various situations there is the possibility of these spirits attaching themselves to you. Over the years, I have been delivered from most of them, but deal with one or two of them. You must understand that when things happen to you, whether it be rape, molestation, physical abuse, emotional abuse, being raised in a single parent home or other circumstances, you are subject to spirits attaching themselves to you. It has been a long journey for me, but to God be the glory, I am still here. Anyone of those spirits could have taken me out of here.

What I have gained from my reflection is that I am enough. Through my trials and tribulations, I am still standing, I am still alive, when I know I should have been dead. I know that I have a bright future ahead of me. I also am aware of how intelligent I am and that I have plenty of gifts and talents. I can sing, model, a thespian at heart, pray, teach and so much more. I returned to school after a 14 year hiatus and earned a 3.4 GPA. Do I still struggle, yes I do, but with the help of God, who is my strength, I am still moving forward. I don’t have to sleep with someone else’s husband nor do I have to be jealous of another sister.  God made me to be more than enough.  God will provide all of my needs according to his riches in glory. I know that God has an amazing man, who he is preparing for me. I know there are businesses coming to me, I know there is financial freedom coming to me, I know there is complete deliverance and healing coming to me, I know there is revival coming to me. I am enough to complete every assignment God has tasked me with, because He created me.

The next time you doubt yourself, or facing a trial or tribulation, now that you are enough to come out on top and the fire only makes you stronger.

Peace and Blessings,
Always Retta

© 2016 Retta Timmons. All Rights Reserved



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